Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A general plan for this project

I will be working with great Graphtie developers this summer, try to implement the project parallel code generation in Graphite, you can find a short description about this project here. And also you can find my application here where I removed the personal information.

This blog will mainly focus on this summer project: 1. plans 2. what I have done 3. related Graphite internals

A general plan for what I will be doing for the next few weeks during summer of code:

  1. Mark the innermost loop parallel [done]
  2. Try to schedule autopar pass after Graphite, and enable code generation if flag_graphite_force_parallel is set
    • There should be some discussion with Razya about her plan about the autopar part
    • But before that, I'll try to schedule autopar first
  3. I may try to write testcases for the loops that should be parallel, from easy to hard, and check autopar's code generation part, make sure this works correctly as we expected.
    • The testcases is important. There should be some detailed discussion maybe with Sebastian and Konrad. To see what kind of loop we can/decide to handle.
    • Check autopar's code generation with flag_graphite_force_parallel set with these testcases, report bugs if it goes wrong.
  4. Try to write code for deciding if a loop can be parallel with data dependency test under this polyhedral model.
    • Try to understand the interface of data dependency test
    • Write code, if data dependency success, mark the loop parallel

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